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Been really into exploring the depths lately. How could you not be with this whole dark, damp, weird, natural world down there? Harboring evidence of ancient life, providing homes for weird subterranean animals (e.g.. bats, blind fish)… 

Humans have been using caves for shelter, burial, and mining resources for centuries. Cave conditions remain fairly constant in terms of temperature and humidity, so delicate artifacts like clothing and food have led archaeologists to reconstruct fascinating details about early civilization. In a few cases, the preserved remains of early people have been found in caves…  Really wouldn’t wanna stumble upon that cave, but it’s still cool that so much can be preserved naturally.

The water moving beneath the surface shapes mineral deposits into vast, delicate formations- rugged but still intricate. A lot of caverns in America were destroyed by visitor traffic and landfills, and cave-dwelling animals are endangered when surface pollutants seep through the ground into the caverns.  But government and private organizations have stepped up to spread awareness about how precious these spaces are to both the ecosystem and our historical understanding. 

Basically we want to go back and visit the depths again soon. Itching to be awed by the weird underground. Road trip out west soon, yeah? 

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